Squid game “investors” deserve what they are getting. The whitepaper explains the anti-dump mechanism, yet people have bought since brrrr numbers going up


It seems Squid game coin is actually a scheme that seems to sucks users money in but its almost impossible to get it out. A crypto black hole, of sorts

But if any of the investors into this actually bothered to read the white paper, the mechanics of the whole thing will become clear, or at the very least it will be clear that its not just numbers go up, everyone profit.. but instead, there are game mechanics to the whole thing.

Squid game token uses Marbles as an anti-dumping mechanism. Only Marble holders can trade Squid, and to obtain Marbles you need to play the game.

The crayon eating crypto “investor” has been aping into this just because of the TV show’s popularity, and seeing the number go up (Price has gone gone from 8c to $30 now) on the coin, more and more people have put their money into it.. and now they cant get it out.

This is why one must do the bare minimum research before investing in something.

This guy who is complaining that he lost all his money on SQUID clearly never bothered to look into the whitepaper and mechanics

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