Spend some time on yourself!


I got in crypto pretty late, on January of this year to be exact. I bought doge for the meme (small amount, just wanted to test the waters of crypto), and didn’t really spend much time ‘caring’ about it. Then it pumped, high! I got from €100 to €700 in less than half a day. And then i started really getting into crypto. Sold the most of my doge, deposited some more cash, and started buying new coins. Studying the market, watching the charts. First thing in the morning, last thing before sleep. My productivity in my job fell heavily, because instead of working, i spent most of the time watching the charts, and depositing more money every two weeks. And then in May everything went down. At that moment i felt like i finally woke up. Didn’t spend all the time on the charts anymore, got my productivity back on the job, and made wiser investments. I had lost thousands of euros, and i regained (and at a profit now) because i didn’t rush anything anymore, and my mind was clear. Also, i’m feeling better with myself. Crypto has become an obsession, for real. And i think most of us here have realised this: we need to spend more time on ourselves, we need to breathe some fresh air, we need to eat healthier food, and we need sleep. It’s better for your health and you as a person, gives you a clear mind as well. Crypto is good, but we should not let it consume us. Instead, we should take our time, and use crypto to make us better!

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