Sometimes you need to sell at a loss, and put that money into something else. The opportunity costs of holding a dead bag


Preface: There are coins you should hold because they bounce right back, even after dipping hard. Having said that…

It seems that there’s a very heavy push into “you don’t lose if you don’t sell”. I’ve seen this line of thinking much more than “cut your losses and move on to something else.”

If you don’t consider the consequences, you lose the opportunity to reinvest into another coin that can ultimately shoot so high that it offsets your initial loss.

I’m very surprised to hear when crypto investors don’t consider opportunity cost. The other day I had short discussion where someone said they have been holding to an investment for 7 months now. They have had money sitting there doing almost nothing for them.

If they had put some of that money somewhere else, they would be making money

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