Someone just market sold 17 million ADA. Price crashed 9%, all exactly in 2 minutes. Slowly recovering back up.


1 Hour ago, a single person dumped 17 million ADA in a span of 2 minutes. Price dumped 9%, 32M$ in longs got liquidated. That was 100x the normal volume. That was mostly due to most coins are being stacked already an not on exchanges. However, ADA is a strong coin and that dip just got eaten up. Price recovered 7% in just under 5 minutes. RIP those who used leverages. Oh nvm this lead to a heavier dump

I am actually interested what was the point of dumping this volume in so little time. Usually people with big bags sell over time to avoid market slippage.

P.S don’t mind me dumping my stacking rewards this epoch, I will give you guys a heads up next time.

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