Someone changed the colors of Pokémon and made $6.3 Million by selling them on Opensea under the name of Animoon. It was supposed to be a P2E game but after 5 months they have delivered nothing instead they have removed their Twitter account. It also got shilled by Jake Paul.


Well Jake Paul promoting should have been the biggest red flag but people still went for it. The second red flag was so obvious they said first 15 cards are legendary whoever owns them will get $2500 every month for life.

Red flag.

Well they also claimed they will giveaway Jordan shoes. You can guess nobody got them even after 5 months.

Breeding will generate ETH DAILY LMFAO.

I think this might be the reason most people fell for this scam. They claimed they have signed NDA with Pokémon.

$6.3 Million they made from this project already have been transferred to different exchanges.


There might be another rug pull coming from them under different name since they claimed to be working with Bandai Namco (Digimon) now.

The Twitter account for Animoon has been gone along with their Website. General chat has also been removed from their Discord.


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