Some stats from the Round 19 finalized moon distribution


With a slight increase in moon ratio and stricter spam rules we’ve all enjoyed a little more moons this round :).

Here are some random stats for Round 19 :

Top Earners

Top 0.1% had 9032.33 Karma or more (2601.31 moons *) Top 1% had 2172.74 Karma or more (625.75 moons *) Top 10% had 202.00 Karma or more (58.18 moons *) Top 25% had 48.00 Karma or more (13.82 moons *) Top 50% had 12.00 Karma or more (3.46 moons *)

Moon earning stats

Users with maxed 15k Karma: 10 Users with 10k to 15k Karma: 25 Users with 5k – 10k Karma: 100

Total Moon Earners (at least 1 Karma): 43864 Average Karma earned: 125.67 Average Moons earned: 36.19 *

Users with No vaults

Number of Redditors that earned Karma (but no vault): 15213 Cumulative Karma earned: 321761 Karma Total Moons waiting: 92667.168 Average Moons per user (with no vaults): 6.09

Monthly Tipping stats

Total moons Tipped: 17 858 Total Receivers: 1786 Tippers: 769

Monthly top 15 most generous tippers :

Here’s a list of those who tipped the most moons this past month.

I have excluded all those who only tipped 1 person (since I assume this was simply a transfer of moons and not necessarily a tip). Hence Rank no 11, 12, 14 were excluded as they only tipped 1 single person. If you think this exclusion was wrong, well let me know in the comments below 🙂

Monthly top 15 most diverse tippers:

And here’s a list of those who tipped a lot of different users.

All tipping data sourced from . EDIT: Changed top 10 to top 15

The list of MVP Tippers:

The following redditors are extra special – as they are both top 15 in tipping generosity and tipping diversity. In other words these MVP redditors tip many people, and they generally tip more than 1 moon at a time.

u/largesnorlax u/Devilheart u/OwenMichael312 u/ZER0SE7ENONETH u/Cintre; u/OurTimeToShine3521

Well done to all of you. And well done to everyone who’s spreading the joy of tipping.


2173 Karma makes you one of the top 1% of Moon earners in this sub. Tipping 48 users makes you a top 10 (most diverse) tipper Tipping 250 moons or more makes you a top 10 (most generous) tipper And open your vault , you most likely will get at least 6 moons 🙂

And that’s a wrap. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have wonderful day further!

The fine print

Based on a moon/karma ratio of 0.288 . Missing out on moons is not 69 sexy. Not Financial advice.) Data sources: Round 19 finalized distribution csv and Want even more stats? u/IhaventEvenGotADog has you covered. Every month that redditor posts Moon Metrics for each distributions – filled with graphs and stats. MoonMetrics should be arriving in the next 5 days, so stay tuned. Also I am not affiliated – I just acknowledge good work.

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