Some people who are just so hyperfocused on price, short-term gains and don’t care about technology need to stay out of some discussions and threads.


This is going to be a rant, so if you’re not up to that, I’m fine if you skip this post.

For anyone that cares about price and short-term gains, just know, I don’t hate you. I like money, too, and definitely spend my share of time speculating on it and buying certain coins and tokens for the gains instead of the tech. But I’m also a software engineer, and extremely bullish on crypto’s feature to change the financial system, decentralize the web and bring back some of the wealth to us.

I just hate how some people will join technical discussions and threads and instantly go “But muh price action,” or ask about the price of the mentioned coin or token in a completely unrelated manner. As if we don’t have enough posts here on Reddit (not just talking about r/CryptoCurrency, but also crypto-specific subs) that just speculate on price like a bunch of apes.

For once, I’d like to be left alone and talking to some people who actually understand the fundamentals of blockchain and crypto. Not just you moonboys staring at the one minute charts selling off a token on BSC because it dropped by 1%. I strongly believe, in the long-term, that strong crypto projects will win. Which is why at least 80% of my bag at all times are coins I believe in, and even use in DeFi, instead of holding something because I believe it’s going to 10x in a couple weeks. That’s where my meme money goes.

So yeah. If all you care about is price, then keep that discussion in related threads. Nobody cares about what your token will do in two months when we’re discussing technical details.


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