Some people take “buying the dip” to a different level.


Ok. After following this sub for a while, having been unable to post due to the comment karma requirements, I am finally able to vent out about some of you guys on this sub.

Buy low, sell high. Yes, good strategy. If we all had crystal balls then we could do this perfectly. But for now, DCA’ing and following “time in the market beats timing the market” is the obvious strategy.

But some of you guys are just weird about it. For example… “Boy, I wish the price of X would drop lower, like 2019 lower, like 75% lower so I can buy this delicious dip!”

The fuck you mean “delicious dip?” This isn’t Pringles season! There are many people worrying their asses off right now, wondering if their portfolios will ever recover. They don’t want a huge 75% crash or a “delicious dip!” They want some sense of stability and reassurance to help quell their anxiety!

I swear… whoever hopes for “delicious dips” is a masochist. As we all know, when the price dips, and you buy, it dips more. It’s a garbage strategy that hardly ever works and is inferior to DCA! In these uncertain times, we need to be reassuring each other that things are going to be okay, not hoping for hellfall so we can buy at a lower price! There are many people who are on a THREAD debating if their diamond hands will fold to paper.

If you want a “delicious dip,” go buy LUNA. I heard it’s having a fire sale…

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