Solana (SOL) is the next EOS. It’s just another “super node” project where it takes a supercomputer to run a node and there is too much trust on solona the company.


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So there was so much hype around EOS how it did a bazillion TPS and was gonna overthrow ETH and all that. Now its a ghost chain and the company that started it has like 200k in BTC and prolly that much in ETH. Solana is hyped so much, but really the reason why it can do so many TPS and what not is because it takes a fucking supercomputer to run a node, and the project is centralized. Please read this blog about what it takes to run a solona node: Some takeaways from the post:

it takes a computer with AT LEAST 128gb of RAM to run a node (they recommend 256gb of RAM, not disk space, RAM)

you have to get data from trusted validators, and All four –trusted-validators are operated by Solana (like you can’t do what you need to do to verify, you have to trust)

Solana is most likely running those trusted validators on google cloud

Do your own research on this new coin. For me, if the average person can’t run a node, its not decentralized.

EDIT: I shopped around and if you want to get a computer to run a solana node, you will need to invest 5k to 10k USD. Here are the specs: Hardware Recommendations#

CPU 12 cores / 24 threads, or more 2.8GHz, or faster AVX2 instruction support (to use official release binaries, self-compile otherwise) Support for AVX512f and/or SHA-NI instructions is helpful The AMD Threadripper Zen3 series is popular with the validator community RAM 128GB, or more Motherboard with 256GB capacity suggested Disk PCIe Gen3 x4 NVME SSD, or better Accounts: 500GB, or larger. High TBW (Total Bytes Written) Ledger: 1TB or larger. High TBW suggested OS: (Optional) 500GB, or larger. SATA OK The OS may be installed on the ledger disk, though testing has shown better performance with the ledger on its own disk Accounts and ledger can be stored on the same disk, however due to high IOPS, this is not recommended The Samsung 970 and 980 Pro series SSDs are popular with the validator community GPUs Not strictly necessary at this time Motherboard and power supply speced to add one or more high-end GPUs in the future suggested

A good article on EOS not even being a blockchain:

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