Solana is the proof that people put profits over decentralization


We all knew Solana was pretty centralized even before last week’s bug. But that didn’t prevent people from FOMOing into Solana as it was skyrocketing the past few weeks. Just to remind you, Solana pumped from around $25 to almost $220.

After the developers had to shutdown the network to fix the bug, the FUD around Solana was enormous! There were dozens of posts in this subreddit claiming that SOL is about to die and that its run was over!

However now after a few red days, SOL is almost 15% up since yesterday. There are many upcoming conferences. Whales are jumping in. Companies are building on Solana because it is fast and cheap. According to most predictions SOL is about to reach $250 soon (not a financial advice though).

In my opinion all that shows that people put profits over decentralization (suprise! /s). Most people would probably even betray their values just to make some quick money!

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