Solana is down AGAIN!!


I said this couple of days, that on 13th Dec Sol is going down again. They have launched a Solana type axie infinity game token called SolChicks. The insane amount of traffic crashed the Sol dex called Raydium. When they were doing their Whitelist IDO, there were literally more than 100k msgs on their telegram. And telegram had to shut off their group as they were affecting the telegram servers. And when the IDO was finished, there was so much drama. So many people applied and were eligible, they changed the IDO rules twice. And when it was time put in the money for the whitelist. Their website went down. And now, that they have officially launched their token, they have taken down solana itself.

Edit: They have changed the title of their announcement on telegram from “Chicks have taken Solana down” to “Chicks have taken Raydium down”. Let’s see how this goes.

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