Solana has overtaken US*T. It’s now ranked 4th by market cap.


It’s official! Solana has hit a new ATH and is number 4 by Market Cap in the Crypto Rankings!

Congrats to all Solana bag holders! I’m personally one but with a small bag. I bought in a little bit at $35 but most of it was at around $80, I’m super happy with my timings!

Hate it or like it, it’s good to see to something flip USDT. Next up BNB, which also isn’t a good project and is heavily centralized.

I have good hopes for Solana but honestly I doubt it’s going to flip ETH or BTC, but anywhere in the top 5 is good for all of it’s hodlers.

What are your thoughts on Solana? Do you own a bag of it?

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