SOL attacked yet again! Why invest in SOL when crypto with 100 percent uptime exists?


It’s common knowledge here that the SOL network goes down frequently, gets hacked, doesn’t work etc yet people still continue to invest in it. And yet again it was attacked YET AGAIN recently! If traditional banking was this flakey the government would haul it over the coals and watch it burn.

Yet people still invest in this centralized chain.

Litecoin for example (and I am sure there are many other examples that people can name) has had 100 percent uptime with literally no hacks or exploits, yet people instantly dismiss.

It brings me to the conclusion that we don’t really care about fundamentals in the crypto space, only juicy profits.

So it brings me back to the original point of this post, why an earth are people investing in SOL when it is the least secure and reliable chain in crypto?

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