So you’ve made a fortune in crypto… now what?


All of us dream of making a fortune on our crypto investment ; be it a million, 100k, it all depends on your situation. But what would you do if that were to actually happen?

Would you go all into fiat? Partially take profit & leave the rest running? Reinvest? Be your own bank cold-wallet-style? Invest a chunk into crypto savings? Diversify into stocks or real estate? Quit crypto altogether? Cash it all and buy a house by the beach? Fire your boss and start your own 80% APY ponzi?

Might seem like an easy question, but the so called “Dogecoin millionaire” who turned $100k to $3m never took profit and his investment is now close to turning negative. Those who made it big on Luna and decided to stake the gains in UST are down to virtually zero. Even the CEO of Binance took a whopping 60 billion haircut on his net worth due to market volatility.

None of them expected any of it.

So what would you do if you were to become crypto rich?

Run for the hills and secure your stash, or take another shot at the crypto casino?

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