So what if this great crypto cycle doesn’t have a huge bear market crash?


What if the bear trap a couple months ago was the end of the 4 year cycle in crypto? What if there is enough attention and users in crypto that this cycle everyone is betting on never happens, that instead we are just in unchartered territory of continuing highs and just little bear traps here and there?

We already know that whales move the market how they want and we’re just along for the ride, and previously they would crash the market to draw in more cash, but now they don’t need to do that?

I dunno. I’m holding 20% cash, and don’t like it, but at the same time everyone is saying bear market is coming, make sure you have cash on hand to accumulate in the bear market.

I’m going to keep up the DCA with my tiny bag, but am hopeful I can cash out or at least have enough cash to make some real gains if it does crash.

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