So what does your wife/partner think about you investing in crypto?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering how you came upon your crypto journey and how your wife/partner looks up/down to it.

My story:

I started to invest around march this year after hearing multiple colleagues telling me that i should invest in crypto. Its the future they said. But i didnt listen… fast forward to march this year and it started to itch. More and more people started to pursue me that its the right move. So i told my wife about it.

She said, i dont believe so much in it, but if you do then you can try it. I told her that i would of only invest a small amount to see where it goes.

Because i started in a bullrun i noticed significant gains and over the course of weeks i invested way more than i said i would. And wife kept repeating: you want to invest again? I thought you said that sunday was the last time. Me: but babe, i believe in it i think this will go somewhere. The bullrun was quite the joy, until the crash came. Fortunately i did tons of research till then and decided to keep investing and slowly made my wife understand how much faith i have in it.

Does your wife/ partner support you in your crypto endeavors?

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