So this cycle we had DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse. What’s gonna be the big hype for the next cycle?


With a full blown bear market I’m not expecting any big moves up and new trends in Crypto for quite a while now. But definitely during the next cycle, whenever it comes this year or next or afterwards, we will have new trends that will be seen just as NFTs and DeFi are seen now. So what could those be and just like NFTs and DeFi they are likely already existing in the crypto market.

During a moment of destruction there is always innovation for the Rebirth and just like in all the past crisis we will surely get some new innovative products this bear market that will blow up during the next bull market.

I’m personally thinking that real estate crypto projects could get bigger as the whole real estate market right now is seemingly collapsing and people would like to go away from the coming high rates. Also “green” Cryptos like ALGO will just keep getting bigger as they seem even more basic environment critic proof.

What do you all say?

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