So Shib just passed the market cap of USDC


The number ten crypto currency by market cap is now Shiba Inu. Right now, Shib is less than $1 Billion behind the market cap of DOGE.

I’m a Shib holder but when I look at the rest of the market today, it seems like rational thought has gone out of the window. Yes, many longs were liquidated and the largest was over $100 million of ETH, but it also seems like the magical crypto faucets that produce endless stablecoins have turned to open and all that money is flowing into Shib.

When it passes DOGE, it’s either going to lose a zero or head back towards gaining a zero.

Have been watching it for the past month and there have always been reasonable pullback before the next leg up, but this continual upward momentum is surely unsustainable if and until Robinhood make a formal public announcement.

Stay safe and prepare for losses or profits – we’re literally in uncharted territory now.

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