So, moons went mainnet


So moons went mainnet and price is pumping…

But in order for that to happen someone needs to sell and another person needs to buy.

So where are you all buying and selling moons ?

Want to get in on the action, alas like everything in crypto information is hard to find.

Google gives no info, how could it.

And reddit is just as info barren.

So take 5 min of your time and be so kind to explain how you do it ? Im sure there are others wondering the same.

There is a dex mellon posted, but connecting wallet to it seems to be complicated on mobile.

You guys using honeyswap or some other swap service ?

Do you send moons to another wallet and use the tokens from there ?

How do you cover gas fees ? Does the dex take gas fee and deducts it ?

So many questions and very hard to find answers.

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