So long and thanks for all fish! I rode the wave in 18 and 20, and I’m out – mostly…and its ok if you are too.


Hello all,
I’m sure I’ll get downvoted and called for spreading the FUD and thats ok. Today I pulled out (almost) an average year’s salary for my area of the US out of the crypto space. I rode the wave in 18. It took me to a bad mental place. I was stressed, I was disappointed and ashamed. The lows of 2020 were not much fun either but I think I was numb to it. The highs are a rush. The potential is massive for both gains and loss.

So today I did the unthinkable. I took my profits. Diamond hands be damned. Why because life changes. Goals change. And it is ok if your holdings change.

If the market goes sideways the liquidity will help me in other ventures that will be fire sold. If not I’m putting a fat deposit on a house soon. Plus let’s be honest. My SO would struggle to actualize these funds if I got hit by a bus. I kept 25% for a hidden gem that I think will have a good run even in a bad market.

To the hodl’ers – may your candles be green, your bags full and your sleep sound.
To the sellers – I hope this was a planned exit strategy and you are absolute crushing your financial goals.

Edit : Yes, I really actually sold in the positive regardless of hater comments.

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