So. I got hacked today.


EDIT: I was scammed, not hacked, as someone has pointed out.

I got hacked scammed today. It fucking sucks. Here’s what happened – hopefully others will learn from my dumb ass mistakes.

A week ago I moved some money into a defi protocol. Wonderland. While moving things around and connecting my wallet it seems I was the victim of a phishing scam and I allowed access to my wallet to a site I didn’t recognize. I was already on a few sites that had connections to my wallet and assumed it was one of them asking for something. Apparently I clicked yes when my metamask asked for connection to another site. I had figured it was just one of the others that I was already on… traderjoe, wonderland and abracadabra. I also connected it to DeBank.

This morning I found the funds were all gone and transferred to this wallet:


This person has been stealing funds from a lot of people it seems.

Thankfully I only lost about 5k but it still hurts. That’s a good chunk of my hard earned money and really all the throw away cash I had for defi experiments. It was clearly my fault.

Security wise I do use random generated passwords stored in a bitwarden account. I have avast and have never had a virus / malware positive hit on my computer. I had multiple accounts on this metamask wallet but only one was looted leading me to the conclusion they did not have my passwords. I have since disconnected the wallets to all sites now. Unfortunately I panicked and disconnected them before I could identify which connection was the phishing attack. If anyone has info that could help me see what it was connected to when it happened I would be thankful for that.

I have been aware of hardware wallets for basically forever and am a total fool for not getting and using one. I’ve ordered a Ledger Nano S to help keep me safe in the future.

Please, learn this expensive lesson from me and not from your own wallet. Get a hardware ledger or use multisignature on your wallet. Keep an eye on all connections and remove them when they are no longer necessary.

This fucking sucks. I’m so angry at myself. This is going to be a terrible thanksgiving.

Anyway… rant over. I hope at least someone can learn from this and not have it happen to them. Any further advice I am happy to hear.

Good luck out there…

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