So apparently $78 in BTC will hedge 1M in 2030.


So the with the news about inflation and the BTC ATH I’m already getting questions from (usually)no-coiner friends and family that know I’m into crypto. This is good, the psychological barriers are starting to come down. More institutional and retail investors are on the horizon with their bags ready to be saved from eroding into nothing.

With that being said even I was shocked by the latest Invest Answers video breaking it down. No wonder the banks are terrified. Usually explaining things like this to my mum would get an eye roll but her response was “oooo that’s less than me and your father spend on wine a month, we were going to do dry January anyway. How do you go about it then?” … my jaw dropped, 5 mins later she had a wallet set up (and her seed phrase explained to her very VERY Carefully) another 5 and she had £100 BTC.

It’s happening. Older generation are starting to realise they’re going to need to protect their wealth against inflation… they’ll turn to the younger generation for help. Better go pick up some more sunglasses the futures looking super bright right now.

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