Six years ago today, ETH was $0.66 … anyone wish they’d bought more?


November 2015 … 1 x Ethereum was $0.66.

November 2021 … just six years later … 1 x Ethereum is $4,111.76

That’s a 622,778% increase … or 103,796% per annum if shared equally over those past six years.

It’s possible but not probable that gains of such magnitude will happen between now and 2027, but of course we will never believe the kind of prices that major coins will be sitting at in six years from.

That said, looking around at some of the ridiculously low priced genuine projects that we all know have utility and potential, it becomes soooo tempting to drop more into each one as they might just ‘Do an ETH’ …

On a day like today when almost everything was red and the market took a huge shit, it’s more important than ever to look back and see what an incredible time this is – to even know about crypto and what it can bring, financially and otherwise. Let’s not forget that many people still think crypto is a ‘scam/ponzi/gamble’.

If only they knew what we know.

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