Six days ago someone send 4 BTC to Satoshi Nakamoto wallet. At that time it was worth 69K



On 8 Jan 2023 someone send 4 BTC to Satoshi wallet with a total value of $69,696 (I’m sure you all figured out already what that 69K magic number is) but what I can’t figure out is why someone would do that and why that amount was chosen.

Here is the tx-id 6805b175260c47549995c3ff19c3c51596651c26269e9f1b31c243986433a0b7.

Is someone messing with us ? It was Satoshi himself ? Why it happened a few days before this big pump ? There are so many questions about this and I literally don’t have an explanation for it.

Here is a screenshot: (today price) and the screenshot on the day of transaction (thanks to u/rothbardd)

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