Since some people still have questions on why everything is down.


On Friday, the consumer price index of May came out and it had risen 8.6% from a year ago, the highest increase since December 1981. The result of this is inflation. 📉

That essentially means that the US dollar’s purchasing power has decreased by 8.6% from one year-to-date. 👇🏽

The three leading reasons is from: Energy (gas) ⛽️ Housing (real estate)🏡 and Food 🍗 (but for food, you need transportation so gas definitely effects this)🤯

Even though all these economic guys on TV say the recession is coming, the truth is we are already here, going through it.

That’s why all the stock and everything is bleeding red.

I’m still trying to buy this dip every chance i get, i think crypto can be a way to escape inflation. (Not Financial Advise)

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