sILV token explained (Illuvium Game)


Hey guys!

I’ve made a detailed video guide for the community about the sILV Token:

The sILV token is the token that will be used inside the ecosystem of the best crypto game (in my opinion) that will be launched in Q1 2022.

In the video, we will understand what is sILV token (Synthetic ILV) which is the in-game token inside the upcoming game Illuvium.

We will understand what are the usages of this token, and how it’s different from the ILV token.

The main difference is that sILV is the token that will be used inside the Illuvium game and ILV is the governance token and it’s also a token that you can stake and yearn more ILV’s 🙂

I will also share my illuvium staking strategy and I will explain why sometimes I claim sILV instead of compounding ILV.

Hope you will enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!

Will be more than happy to hear your comments.


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