Shouldn’t Coinbase announce when someone wins one of their contests?


Not asking for the winners identity, wallet address or anything but wouldn’t it feel more transparent if they announced Jane and Joe Doe were the winners of the $250,000 USDC. They put a lot of effort into promoting their contest when you are on their site and the hook is clear. Buy this or buy that to enter for a chance to win so and so. They do this every month. Well, We have never heard of anyone ever winning have we? Again I will reiterate that we respects the winners privacy (if there ever are any) so that is not the point but if I were Coinbase I would announce that the 5 winners of such contest have received their prizes and all are very happy. How can a company so big not think this is good promo for them and instead just forget about it?

Coinbase has taken a lot of heat for many dumb actions lately and this isn’t that big a deal but it just shows that somewhere someone is not thinking of the little things and for corporations of this size usually the little things matter.

Since joining coinbase I must have entered for over 15 different contests and not once I have heard a peep about winner(s). Have any of you?

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