Should I really hope?


What do they want to do with this Luna/Terra thing? I don’t understand yet. I am more or less interested in these works, but I have not witnessed such a thing.

With the removal of the stablecoin and the stable development of a new blockchain, the Terra team have worked together to rename the existing Terra Classic to LUNA Classic and rebirth a new Terra blockchain I know.

So did they set an address for it? I even read a serious article on this very topic: . In this article, it is said that Luna classic will be distributed to those who have Luna.

I have too many lunas and I’m already at a loss. Could the future of Lunac be like Etherum Classic? Or am I just living in a fantasy world? There is a lot of misinformation about this event.

I am open to the comments of chubby fingers who will support me in this matter and provide “reliable” information…

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