Shoot me but I don’t want gaming and crypto to mix


Quick backstory: I have been gaming since the 1990 (i.e. 30 years) and in crypto at least 3 years.

I recently listened to long podcast on Crypto and gaming and how wonderful everything will be. I support wholeheartedly development and exploration of block chain technology for whatever purpose it can have. HOWEVER:

I don’t want gaming and crypto to mix.

Because big brand companies will focus on useless shit like NFTs and attention will be drawn from quality game development (story lines, graphics, music or whatever). We will have Three arrows buying up rare items and hodling/reselling them for a profit. We will also have a lot shitty games with huge amounts of NFT’s. Like the stupid skins and other items that started shitting in games.

I am not talking about metaverses or whatever Zuck is up to… they can do whatever the f*ck they want. However I don’t want to see RPG’s, FPS and strategy games marketed for using “advance block chain” technology or whatever other marketing gimmick companies will try.

Remember micro payments and that whole ordeal?

Long story short: Leave gaming alone.

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