Shitcoins will make you mad gains in short term but it’s a game of musical chairs. The chair is Bitcoin


I see everyone chasing the next dog coin for mad gains but you have a very small chance of getting early into shitcoins and even smaller chance of not getting too greedy and getting dumped on. People made mad gains from ICOs in the last bull market and lost everything. Those who don’t convert their profits to Bitcoin will lose everything.

The only sure bet in crypto is the only decentralized blockchain and the longest POW chain. That’s Bitcoin. Satoshi said at the very beginning that only the longest POW chain will survive. Ultimately, all other chains will have to become sidechains of Bitcoin or become extinct.

Many of you are looking at crypto as some get rich quick scheme. Get rich quick schemes don’t last long. Understand that Bitcoin is not about making money. Bitcoin is about fixing money. There’s a big difference. Learn to count your wealth based on sats. Shitcoins come and go. There’s only 21 million Bitcoin.

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