Shitcoins/Memecoins that got shilled by Celebrities and Billionaires claiming to be the “Next Big Thing” almost each one of them is currently down 70-100% from their ATH.


First, obviously the one and only

Elon Musk Shilled Dogecoin:

ATH: $0.73
Currently down 76% from its ATH.

Mark Cuban Shilled TITAN:

Got rug pulled.

Kim Kardashian and May Weather Shilling EthereumMax (EMAX):

ATH: $0.000000597636
Currently down 95% from ATH.

Soulja Boy Shilled Safemars (SAFEMARS):

Down 96% from ATH.

Faze Banks Shilled BankSocial(BSL):

ATH: $0.00578273

Currently down 70% from its previous ATH.

Adin Ross Shilled MILF Token:

ATH: $0.0017

Currently Down 97% from its ATH.

Faze Kay shilled way too many coins:

$Rich: Down 99%

$SafeGalaxy: Can’t track this coin anywhere probably got rug pulled?

$TITS: Down 96%

Many Faze Clan members were involved in Save the kids scam.

These celebrities don’t care about their followers/Fans they are here just to make some bag. Please stay away from them when it comes to crypto or any financial advice.

Source: took some of the shitcoins from this article.

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