SHIB, Safemoon and all the meme coins are going to produce eternal bagholders in the future


As someone who made the same mistake in 2017-2018. I’m going to be very honest all the HODLers of these meme coins are going to be very dissapointment when they’re worthless a year or 2 from now. If you guys remember in 2017 bullrun there were many hyped tokens, some of them even did 100x in weeks. One of them was DBC (Deepbrainchain). I bought the top at $0.60 and held it to almost $0.005. YES, that’s almost 99% loss. It taught me one thing never hold these shitcoins for more than a few weeks or in some cases a month or 2. There are many red flags regarding both Safe moons and SHIB but the delusional HODLers will convince you to hold and even buy more while the price plummets. You might get a chance to walk away with some profits or even breakeven. Devs have already started dumping these tokens, even they know once bear market comes these coins will be worthless and create many bagholders.

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