Seriously who are you people? I hardly recognize this sub anymore, why is everyone pumping shitcoins and praising moves by banksters and regulators to destroy decentralization?


My karma may take a hit for saying this but idc, mass adoption at ANY COST is not acceptable, we cannot sacrifice decentralization for adoption if it means giving up control to governments and institutions. ETFs are a perfect example, you thought “oh a BTC ETF it’s cool because theres no option to short BTC” well a week later they can now short BTC with the second BTC ETF. Regulations are the same type of double edged sword that may help people get comfortable with adopting crypto but gives the government immense power over the market. They are playing us by giving us adoption while taking control of the whole damn thing. Wake the fuck up.

Shitcoin pumping is also a new feature here, it’s your choice to do that but remember it’s not good for the market to shill shitcoins. Also if a new crypto investor gets burned on a shitcoin they will probably leave the market for good so if you care about mass adoption maybe stop pumping shitcoins. But hey I don’t know shit about fuck🤷‍♂️

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