Sending 200 Moons to the one who can solve my mistery misery why I cannot see my Moons in my Metamask



I am so happy that we made the main net with Moons and like so many others I wanted to see my moons in my metamask, also not to lie, but try to sell a few ( do not worry, not more than 10%).

But I cannot see them. I have followed every step u/metamec provided here:

And also an another kind user, u/MilesPower here:

And then I have also checked this link:

But I have zero Moons in my wallet.

What I did?

– Made a new profile on Chrome, downloaded metamask, set up a new wallet with my reddit recovery phrase.

– I have entered manually add network arb-nova like described in the posts, and also with Chainlist.

– Imported Moons token with u/MilesPower description:

“Ensure that Arbitrum-Nova is selected, then click on ‘Add token’, ‘Custom token’ and then copy and paste the following information into the correct fields:

Token Contract Address: 0x0057Ac2d777797d31CD3f8f13bF5e927571D6Ad0 Token Symbol: MOON Token Decimal: 18″

And still no moons. Zero. I have also tried setting up other new wallets like Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Wallet but I can’t see my moons anywhere. I have also like 10 dollars of ether in the eth main net with the same account but cannot transfer them with the bridge to the arb nova. Maybe 10 dollars is not enough?

To the first user who helps me solve this mystery or what I do wrong I am sending a 200 moons. And this person should also help me how to transfer eth here to my vault so I can tip them. I have FTX, but I cannot figure out how I can connect it.

Edit: this is my vault on the exploer and clearly my moons are there:

Edit 2: IHaventEvenGotADog was so kind to donate me 1 moon, which actually shows up on my metamask? So why the other 6,1k does not?

Edit 3: This is my MM and Coinbase address after importing my reddit recovery phrase:

And this is my reddit vault:

And it shows the same 1 moons.

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