Selling part of my portfolio to save my teeth


So hello everyone,

Unfortunately today I am here to tell a sad story of mine.

A few days ago one of my teeth cracked and was completely shattered. It happened while I was eating. Whilst it was completely free of pain, it still feels uncomfortable to have a teeth broken that is cutting your tongue any time you make a movement.

So today I finally got the appointment needed for them to have a look – looks like I’ll be needing a devitalization as well as an implant glued to the remains of the tooth.

The total of it all will be around 800€ – a sum that for someone who is a part-time worker and student is impossible to pay.

So I had to go to my last option: sell part of my crypto.

Even worse is selling it at a time in which I should be buying, as the last dips would help me profit in the future. But oh well, what can I do, health is of course the most important thing after all.

Thank you for your time to those who read this. Have a great day (hopefully not as expensive as mine).

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