Selling my apartment to stake stablecoins


Disclaimer: I live in southern europe, this is why some values may not match with USA’s reality.

I inherited an apartment that I could easily sell for around 200k USD. Right now it’s rented, and I’m getting around 500 USD per month. Those 500 USD are almost all exclusively used to pay the rest of the mortgage, which is ~30k. I get no profit with this apartment, and saying I sold it for 200k, I would get 170k in my bank account.

If I invest 170k on stablecoin staking at an average of 15% APY, I would get 2125 USD per month. This is a high salary where I come from and it would all be passive income.

Is this a bad idea? I don’t see the advantage of holding an apartment when I could be doing this.

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