scammer sent me a seed phrase with $1k usdt (trc20)


I got curious and took a look. I can see how the scam works but it looks like they’re still taking a risk.

It requires 17 tron to withdraw the usdt (trc20) balance, and I can see that they clearly have a bot that automatically withdraws the tron balance before it can be used to transfer out the usdt.

But how can they be so confident that someone else wouldn’t make a bot to do this faster? Not to mention it doesn’t seem very lucrative. They’re only making about $1 per person they scammed.

I suspect it’s against the rules to give out the seed phrase here, but it’s a scam anyways. Just curious how they can be so confident that someone won’t build a faster bot.

If anyone wants to see the scammers address it’s TJzPf3sJ9UaqHPdcu9Jzia6dCVCMpMAvtb

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