Saw two posts today that said we are “comfortably” above $30K for the King of Coins


We weren’t even above $30K for over an hour and some people started posting that the bull run is back

Have you pumped a tank of gas the last 2 months?

Have you done a full grocery store run in the past 2-4 months?

Have you looked at ANYTHING other than crypto prices?

Nothing out there is indicating that the bear is close to becoming even a crab yet. One green 12 hour dildo and people start losing their minds.

That being said, if you’re in investing of any kind, make sure you have a plan and stick to that plan.

Don’t FOMO

Don’t buy high and sell low

Go for a walk. Get off the internet for a while if you can’t handle this stuff on a longer term basis than 5 minutes. Maybe even cash out.

Bunch of crazies out here I swear

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