Saved up through smart crypto investments to buy my first home – solicitors tells me no one will accept my crypto related money!


I have saved up enough £ (UK) to buy my first property outright in cash with no mortgage! I’ve found one and had an offer accepted but the solicitors with not complete the purchase with funds related to cryptocurrency due to AML even if I show them they are legit through my exchange history and I’ve called multiple all with the same response! Anyone in other countries had the same issues? I’m wondering if other countries real estate markets would be less strict? House prices keep going up and it seems I’m stuck with my funds becoming more and more worthless and no way to use them, is there any way around this to make it appear non crypto related to the solicitors? Don’t want my savings eroded by inflation but not sure where else to put it maybe put it all into stocks and crypto? However I want a fairly low risk investment and still have nowhere to live hence why I wanted a house!

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