SAMO – Solana’s Biggest Community Coin


///NOTE: This post did so well in r/Solana – #1 Hottest post – that I felt people in this subreddit might also find the info useful. Thanks for the support all 🔥///

We’re all aware of the dog coin hype at the moment, so I thought it was worth making y’all aware of what’s happening with Solana in this space.

DOGE is to Bitcoin as SHIB is to Ethereum as SAMO is to Solana.

If you’re bullish on SOL, and you missed the train on the first two, then this is a good way to get in early on the Solana ecosystem’s biggest community coin, and #4 biggest meme coin in the entire crypto space (yet only $0.4bn market cap).

The Dev Team’s aspiration and the current vibe in the subreddit is community-focus and utility – not just a pump-and-dump meme “moment”. There’s tons of stuff happening in the space: 1) 500M coin burn on a random day each month for the next 6 months, 2) SAMO NFTs to be released with buy-back and burn mechanism built in, 3) Metaverse projects coming soon, 4) A super motivated and efficient dev team who were heavily involved in Solana’s recent Ignition Hackathon.

The community’s super friendly and welcoming at the moment, so post in the r/SamoyedCoin subreddit if you have any questions ♥️

I strongly believe that (however you feel about meme/dog coins) the hype from SAMO could be a fun yet powerful advertisement for the Solana blockchain – which as we all know is the fastest blockchain existing right now. It was my first time actually using the Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet (outside of CEXs) and I was blown away with how simple it is. If it can do this for me, who was already a SOL advocate, then it can definitely do this for millions more users.

As the fastest and cheapest to transact dogcoin existing right now, this should be all the info you need to make the call. See you there 🐾


SAMO’s available on ORCA, Raydium, STEP and (as of a few hours ago) and (just now!) MEXC GLOBAL. You can also use Jupiter Aggregator to compare the best prices. I’ve also just been informed by a commenter that you can use the Coin98 mobile app to transfer SOL to and get SAMO, if you don’t want to deal with web browsers for your DEX swapping!

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