Salvadoran Update on Gov Wallet


Hi it’s me again, for those who don’t know I’m from El Salvador and have been trying to update everyone here with first hand news about the new Bitcoin Law the past month.

So as many of you have heard today is the day El Salvador has become the first country to legalize Bitcoin as national currency.

A great lot of people on Reddit and Twitter have been trying to organize to buy 30 dollars on solidarity with the adoption. There are lots of opinions on it and we can all agree pumping the coin yesterday wasn’t a great idea…

However on top of the massive dump, the government plans have not gone well. The implementation of the wallet has been having technical problems, right now only people with huawei phones can download the wallet, but no one can login yet because it shows “error”

The president has acknowledged the technical problems stating that they are testing the servers so they are capable of holding more capacity and asked on Twitter that whoever is able to download the app on huawei on Twitter to please give feedback on the errors.

Certainly we have encountered Murphy’s Law…

Let’s hope everything is fixed rapidly, I’ll give you updates when it does.

Saludos a todos!! Hope one day to eat pupusas with you.

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