“Safemoon Swap vets our partners” claims CEO John Karony, as investors suffer two back to back rugpulls.


This one was hard to believe to be honest.

John Karony makes a big song and dance about who Safemoon lists on their swap (spoiler alert, it’s whatever shitcoin pays them a $250,000 listing fee) and claims they have to come to the HQ to meet in person, get “fully doxxed” and sign some paperwork before they can be listed.

A couple weeks ago, Safemoon listed “Grove” on their swap, the chart currently looks like this:

Grove Rugpull

An explanation for that is Grove had some dodgy connection with Dubai and claimed to be in official partnership with the Royal Family there to use… a… BSC token to… grow… crops via… hydroponics.

Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense, but BSC shitcoin being a BSC shitcoin, it was peddled by some woman that looks like a Madame Tussauds statue left out in the British Heatwave who claimed to have… invented online purchasing 15 years after it was already invented.

So as it turns out, this Dubai Prince received a buttload of Grove tokens from Grove developers and then dumped the shit out of them while the token was shooting up from all the Devil-may-care Safemoon investors thinking this is their ticket to financial freedom 2.0… Unfortunately for them, most are rekt.

You’d think that being burned on Safemoon, then again on Grove would be lesson enough, but no, not two weeks after the Grove fiasco, the new boy was in town, BlockBusters Finance. I haven’t even looked in to this but I was made aware of a litany of basic contract errors and other fuckery, and would this amateurish development full of red flags deter Safemoon investors? Like fuck it would.

Here’s the Blockbusters chart.

So what happened here? The token launched on Safemoon exchange, and only one person was able to sell. For $1.5 million fucking dollars.

The token went from a $2 BILLION marketcap to $10,000,000 in literally one transaction.

Personally I’m waiting to see what dumb as shit coin they can plumb from the deepest and most perverted depths of their mind to shill to the infinitely gullible Safemoon army.

Stay tuned.

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