RL Me trying to explain crypto to my dad


DAD: What’s beacon?

ME: It’s bitcoin, dad.

DAD: How does the scam work?

ME: Not a scam, dad.

DAD: So how does it work?

ME: I’m not so sure either, it’s very complicated.

DAD: Well I’m glad you don’t fall for those things

ME: (breathes deep) Actually…

DAD: Actually what?

ME: Actually a lot of people I know own coins like that, and some of them are very smart people. They say even though we are not able to understand it now, this is going to be the future of money, like it’s gonna help dethrone banks and stuff like that. Also, it’s gonna be way more quick and easy to send and receive money. And there there not going to be just one entity that centralizes all control, but instead the information os gonna be spread around a lot of computers, like ordinary people will be part of the game.

DAD: (looks suspicious)

ME: Well I have tried to understand it for real, dad, but I guess I’m not that smart…

DAD: Anyway I’m glad you don’t fall for these things.

ME: (breathes deep) Yep.

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