Repeat after me: I don’t buy the coins that have just gone up 10x


I thought: Buy high, sell low was a meme, but apparently it’s not. I always see that the coin that has just put in a blow-off top gets shilled the most.

I saw a post here from someone who clearly bought Shiba Inu at the top, after it had done a 10x. Now everyone and their mother is the biggest fan? Everyone was already supporting loopring the entire year?

Here is the cycles a coin goes though:

– Accumalation, can take a couple of months

– First take off, start of the parabolic run

– First sell off, people start taking profits

– Absolute mania where the coin becomes the best thing since sliced bread

-Blow-off top.

With these altcoins you have to get in during the accumalation or during the first sell off. If you missed it, you missed it. If you buy during the blow off top, you fck up your portfolio really quickly.

Now, I am not saying that Loopring, , sandbox etc. can’t go higher. But don’t chase the big green candles. There will always be a dip, look at any chart.

Many people wanted to buy Polkadot at 50$, no one wants it at 30$ now. Buy the coins when they are low or when they just start taking off. If they’ve done a 10x, you take profits, that is not a good entry point.

If you want to argue with me and you like chasing big green candles, then have fun making me rich.

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