Reminder: you guys don’t need to pay 2500 USD to get access to some VIP mailing list where a guy tells you to buy 5 small cap coins.



A family member recently attended a webinar where he said that some guy was charging 2500 bucks to get “insider information” on what 5 new alt coins are going to go “sky high”.

The problem with a business model like this is the guy running this kind of webinar that he does is he makes buttloads of money because 1) he bought all five of those coins in advance and 2) he’s charging you 2500 USD for glorified and probably greatly misleading financial advice, oh and point number 3) He’s going to dump his bags on you eventually.

Eventually some youtuber will leak the coins that he bought. Aside from that, I strongly feel as though the only people who should be paying for that information are either “accredited investors” or “borderline accredited investors” who wouldn’t be phased by a 2500 USD buy-in.

That is all.

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