Reminder: We hit BTC golden cross last week


It’s quite funny how popular the golden cross posts were last week and how many people need that hopium in their crypto life.

But guess what, TA is mostly shit when it comes to crypto, and some Golden Cross is just an artificial concept to serve as a logical explanation to erratic price movement. But it’s not correct, and it statistically has not been in the past. Some user mentioned that 4/7 golden crosses actually marked a bearish momentum. Fool’s gold, I guess.

Please, stop trying to give reason to every candle on the graph, because in the end, TA is usually incorrect, price predictions are as well, except when that 1 in 1000 analyst predicts somewhat correctly two times in a row and their opinions are reposted daily on this sub.

Tl;dr – can’t wait for the wooden cross to happen again, it’s been like 2k years already

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