Reminder: Upvote parties, “upvote if”, and all other forms of vote solicitation are not allowed


Vote manipulation and is banned by rule 3 of the subreddit and the reddit user-agreement. If you see users engaging in this behavior, please report their posts and do not participate with them. Examples of vote solicitation may include:

Linking to a post on this subreddit and asking people to vote Offering upvotes indiscriminately Posting a reply to someone offering upvotes indiscriminately Spamming replies that just say you’ve upvoted them, with the implication that they should return the favor Quid Pro Quo arrangements like “I’ll upvote you if you upvote me”

This kind of activity has never been allowed. However with moons now in the mix, this also effectively steals from people trying to actually contribute to the subreddit.

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