Reminder to open your MOON vaults BEFORE November 3!


Open your vaults because moon week 19 is on November 3rd. If you don’t know how to, you can learn how to open a vault here. Even if you don’t have many upvotes, you should definitely open a vault because moons are going to be more scarce in the future. Moons might not be worth much today, but they will definitely be worth a lot in the future as there’s great potential for moons to be put on an exchange after which it will be worth a lot in the future.

You can also grab some free moons from the moon faucet here. A moon will most likely be worth way more in the future, so you should definitely stock up! Moreover, you get a 20% bonus each month for holding your moons and 5% bonus for voting on governance polls and 1.25% for each poll you vote after. You shouldn’t miss out because ultimately it’s free money! Open your vaults, because who doesn’t like free moons?!

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