Reminder: It’s ok to only invest in BTC or ETH, and leave alts alone.


As people share, shill, and shimmy to the beat of their alt-coin gains, it is much too easy for one to feel a rush of FOMO.

While many people are drawn to the crypto space by stories of 1000+% gains on alts, I’m willing to bet nearly every traditional/retail investor would be thrilled at the prospective gains of humble BTC.

It’s easy to lose the forest through the trees when you’re in the echo chamber that is /r/CryptoCurrency.

Everyone has a different risk tolerance for a myriad of reasons, if yours aligns with the relative stability of BTC or ETH there is no shame in that. Resist the FOMO and be satisfied with your exemplary gains, congrats on being early 🙂

Disclaimer – I’m not a BTC/ETH maxi.

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