Reminder: If you have your money in banks, you can stake it for interest rates 2000x higher.


If you are wondering why banks are obsessed with Crypto and why they are spreading so much bad PR, this is exactly the reason. So much so that even the SEC is going crazy. In the US banks are not giving you anything that can be counted as interest. Keeping money in banks is a total no brainer. You will lose money due to inflation instead.

A lot of countries are literally giving you 0% interest while some are even charging money to keep your money in banks (Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and a lot more countries have negative interest rates). Remember, these are the same banks that loan out the money that you keep in them.

So, if you didn’t know yet, or you are a beginner to Crypto. You can stake your stablecoins on exchanges like Gemini or other exchanges interest rates thousands of times higher. There are some offering even 20% interest rates which insane when you compare it to what banks are giving you.

There is no reason to miss out on this. You can also stake your profits if you think you have already reached your target. This is better than straight up cashing out since you won’t be corroded by inflation.

TLDR: Banks are fucking you over while crypto is offering interest rates thousands of times higher.

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